Boho Dreamland hosts curated a group of local, Denver vendors and brands whose products radiate with the bohemian lifestyle. More vendors will be announced closer to the event. If you would like to be a vendor, please fill out the contact form below.


Harper Made

Polished bohemian jewelry 🌙 | Handmade and thoughtfully sourced | Denver, CO


Henna Luna

a little lady by the name of Caroline Brothers who is lacing up the ladies (and dudes) of Denver with a less permanent, equally as beautiful mean of self expression. The all natural stain is used to create temporary “tattoos” or designs on the skin. Make an appointment with Henna Luna and be awe-inspired as you watch her freehand original concepts that come to life on your body. Of course you can bring a design in mind that you would like to do, however I recommend letting Caroline take creative control and you’ll be in for a real treat.


Jay Davis Bags

Jay Davis, is a unique handbag line that has been established for over a decade. Creative. Striking. Feminine with a rocker undertone. One of a kind. That's precisely what each handmade bag is. Original. Soft. Edgy. The designer wanted travel back to a time when carrying a bag was simply for function. Denim is that representation in the lining. Leather is that representation in the straps and body. Jay has created each individual bag with an elevated, timeless appeal. Enjoy your handbag knowing she's something truly unique, expressive, and made in Colorado.

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Meek Vintage

Modern Vintage

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Midnight Rambler Boutique

A rock n' roll, boho boutique. The place where she finds her favorite dress, the ultimate gift for her best friend and the confidence-boosting outfit for tomorrow’s Red Rocks concert. Midnight Rambler is a bohemian-chic boutique selling unique women’s clothing and gift items to Denver’s millennial woman. 

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Rhizome Apothecary

For thousands of years humans have relied on plants for healing; to remedy illness and any suffering, but also in a ritualistic sense. Herbs bring people together. They are a way for people to connect to themselves, to others, and to our world, and now more than ever people are seeking a more holistic approach to healing. With botanical remedies becoming such a popular and idealistic form of healing and gathering, it is the intent of RHIZOME APOTHECARY to support the community in becoming more knowledgeable about herbalism and help bring people back to their roots.


Ruth and James Salon (Braid Bar)

Come hang with us and get spiffy! Ruth and James will be providing festival braids and other "undone" styles to accessorize your Boho Dreamland experience. Fresh flowers and dry styling products will also be available.

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Stacy Sterling Jewelry

Stacy Sterling began designing jewelry in 2004.  She was always in search of that perfect accessory in order to express her style.  When she took fashion matters into her own hands and created a look that was truly all her own, fashionistas took notice of her earthy meets boho-chic style!  Stacy was literally stopped in the streets when her strikingly unique pieces caught the eye of admirers.  The Stacy Sterling jewelry line was first sold at a Melrose Avenue boutique.  Soon, many celebrities such as Hilary and Haily Duff, Debra Messing, Brandy, Hayden Panetteire, to name a few, fell in love with the line.  The original Dream Catcher earring was featured in the 2006 movie "Material Girls".  Her pieces are on trend yet they are timeless.  Inspired by the vibrant colors of nature’s beauty, her pieces speak to those with both a glamorous and free spirited soul. 

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Two Hands Full Ceramics

Colorado-based ceramics artist




Sun + Moon Evolution Astrology 

Sam + Ash are astrologers.  They help people to understand the language of archetypes: the  universal, constantly evolving symbols of human understanding and experience of life.  The planets, the signs and the houses in astrology represent these archetypes, each holding the energy of key developmental life phases.  We all experience each of these archetypes, but a birth chart shows us how, where, when and why we are experiencing some more strongly, and which are most pronounced for us.  Some pieces of the chart tell us about our past, and others about our potential future.  Some aspects are quite personal, while others relate to our interaction with the outside world.  


Root Wellness Studio - Energy Work

You've sensed it before. That feeling that something is about to happen. That way you can sense what someone else is feeling. That time you thought of a song and then heard it on the radio. 

It's energy. And it's all around you. Get to know your energetic field and how to shift your energy to create a better life.

Meet with one of our trained Energy Healers and you can start to harness the power and the purpose that your energy field holds.  



The Boho team is looking to collaborate with media outlets and other like-minded businesses to partner with our event. We encourage you to reach out with any ideas if you'd like to become a vendor, speaker, or something else.

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