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Angie Arnold: Perception

Angie's Yoga recipe requires One Part Creative and Thoughtful planning for all moving parts of the practice, two Parts Intelligent sequencing and Alignment for safe sustainable movement, three Parts Breath synchronized vigorous movement to steady the mind & calm the nervous system.  

Over the years of practicing yoga, Angie has discerned that it is that "cooked -just right -feeling" that gives us liberty from our patterned thoughts or behaviors, and creates a new path, unconditioned by the past.....

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Shimyrre Britt: Creativity

Our modern world grows faster every single day with constant ways to fill our lives, accomplish and acquire more, but often it is this chaos that separates us from ourselves. Navigating a life at this pace can feel diluted and draining without regular personal attention.

Shimyrre is a constant seeker of knowledge. She uses traditional healing practices and the wisdom of our feelings as catalysts for expansion in the body and in life. She believes that true thriving begins with the fundamentals of peace, presence, and pleasure.


Melissa Kaufmann: Mindfulness

About Melissa Kaufmann, Mindfulness Program Director and Instructor
A passionate program creator and instructor of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga, Melissa works with children and adults alike through her national work with individuals, schools and businesses such as The Coda, CA Technologies, Denver Public School System, Steele Street Preschool, F7 Lifestyles, Samadhi Center for Yoga, and Om House Yoga. Melissa is a graduate of the Yoga Teacher Training program at Samadhi Center for Yoga in Denver and has completed yoga and mindfulness training for children with Peaceful World Yoga, a Mindful-Based Yoga program. Melissa began her career creating mindful based curriculums at Steele Street Preschool. Melissa is a current student of Shannon Paige’s Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program “Embody” at Earth Yoga in Boulder. She is excited to share her love of being present with others by creating programs and guiding mindfulness, meditation and yoga across all ages. To learn more: 303-725-2626 and connect on LinkedIn (  

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is now a commonplace term but do you really know what it means in practice in daily life? Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.


Ash Koehnke: Saturn Return + Transits

Saturn is the teacher archetype. Saturn pushes, molds, and twists us into uncomfortable places in order to pull us into a higher knowing. Ash will talk about how to survive your Saturn Return + Transits. 

How is Saturn showing up for you? How do you push past the hard lessons and get an A+ in the classroom of Saturn?! 


Clare Anderson & Ash Koehnke: Herbalism

 Clare has a background in holistic health coaching and nutrition, and Ash, a background in subtle body energy work and astrology. Both girls grew up in the garden with their parents, developing a love of plants, and Ash continued to grow her skill set in gardening and permaculture in her adult years to teaching classes and collaborating with Denver Integrative Massage School to teach new herbalists to develop their green thumb. These two vibrant and energetic spirits create a loving, warm and inviting environment that will spark your interest in plants and help to welcome them into your life every day.


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